I have been painting and exploring various creative techniques for years but had never produced anything I really loved. And then I discovered corsetry.

Corsetry is 'art for the body'. It is modern, but nods to the past. It is sculptural; it beckons embellishment; the fit and comfort constantly challenge. I can indulge my addiction to haberdashery and vintage shopping - lace, fabrics, ribbons. Popping the boning into perfectly symmetrically-sewn boning chanels and seeing the structure come to life is exciting. And the most joyful part of all? Trying the finished garment on and marvelling at the resultant hourglass shape - the ultimate aim of this beautiful craft.

Caroline Woollin, February 2014


Update February 2018

In the past four years I have concentrated on corset patterning and now have a large body of designs, both modern and historical, available for sale through Etsy. I like to think I am experimental and innovative, so expect to find unusal designs. There are many free standard 12-panel patterns out there (like the free example I offer), so I want to offer something different. I also launched my Patreon platform in February 2016 - this offers a pattern a month to patrons for just $5 a month. I am still creating one-off bespoke corsets for clients of course so please get in touch!


Models and MUA's -  Miss Tosh, Liv Free, Threnody in Velvet, Gingerface Model, Victoria Dagger, Miss Kelly Bakewell; Photography -  Tigz Rice Studios, Liv Free, Iberian Black Arts, Chris Murray. Cage corset photos courtesy of the Underpinnings Museum and Tigz Rice Studios.