Anna the Hulagan, Burlesque hula hoop performer, London

"I am now on my second waist-training Corset by Caroline! I was one of her first customers last year and was so delighted by the results and affordability as well as the comfort of the corset that I had to get my second! All I had to do was text Caroline my measurements, and, only 2 weeks later I received my CAD-designed, made-to-measure, bespoke Corset by Caroline! Both of my experiences with Caroline herself and wearing her corsets has been nothing but a delight! Not only is she passionate, but she clearly also has a talent and skill for the art of corsetry. As a professional performer, finding Corsets by Caroline is so exciting, I have thrown all my other corsets away, and will only purchase her designs from now on. She has helped to re-shape my body in a way I never thought was possible. A year ago I did not have a defined hour-glass figure, now my posture is better, my weight feels more controlled, I feel feminine and sexier, both with and without her corsets on! If you are looking for precision, skill and creativity in getting a corset designed bespoke for you, then I will only ever recommend Corsets by Caroline, and you would be hard-pressed to find an affordable and speedy service of this calibre from anywhere else!" Anna the Hulagan, burlesque hula hoop performer...

Anna 1


''Fantastic customer service! You always go above and beyond expectations. Every corset pattern I've made from you is lovely. Your directions are amazingly descriptive as well including pictures. I simply cannoy explain how much I appreciate you and your talent! Your Patreon is the best $5 I can spend.'' Danyette Rosenbusch