Corsets for sale

These corsets are samples made to demonstrate my patterns or for shoots where they are worn just the once. Details are given here there are any imperfections. The price listed does not include shipping.  

1.1 burgundy dupion ub


1.2 pink leather ub



1.4 mesh lace ub

1.5 cream blue ub


1.6 pinkleather ribbon


1.7 rust dupion ub 




1.10 grey leather and mesh ub



1.11 bronze cincher

 1.12 teal leather ub

1.13 black leather ub 

1.14 black animal print binding ub 

 1.15 spotty

1.16 grey wool



2.2 cream Edwardian

 2.3 wool victorian


2.4 pink overbust 



 2.6 burberry



2.8 black and gold


2.9 black n white 




2.11 tulip


2.12 pink corded 

2.13 red and tan 



 2.15 black ob






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