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  1. The ballet pump pink corset and my patterns

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    I haven't blogged for a while because I've been so busy working on my corset patterns. It has taken me about 6 months to refine them! Because I have included customisable options within the patterns themselves I haven't been able to include multiple sizes on each pattern so have had to do separate ones - it's taken much longer than I thought it would! I'm still going though even now - 'plus' size underbusts coming up!

    Promoting them is another matter though - they are on Etsy and I get quite a bit of traffic but nobody seems to want to commit to a purchase. I have had few but there are already tried and tested patterns on the market by brands that have been around a lot longer than I have. How to get going and win the trust of the corset and sewing community?? I figured the only way would be to recruit Morgana (Threnody in Velvet) and prove that my corset patterns do work. The end result was better than I expected - it fitted her so well just using her measurements - I didn't make up a toile although I have made a corset for her before so did have a good idea about her fit.

    I have had 60 new page likes in 6 days and my reach last night from posting her picture is up to nearly 1200. It just goes to show that people love a picture, especially of somebody who knows how to rock a corset!

  2. OCOC 2014

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    I'm fresh from the Oxford Conference of Corsetry and brimming with ideas about my next project. There was such an in incredible amount of talent there that was inspiring but also intimidating at the same time. I realised that, like everything, anyone can be a technican and learn a skill, but it takes a very different person to come up with something different and eye-catching, and perfect in every way. I'll post some behind the scenes piccies when I get around to it.  

  3. Waist training

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    So it's day 1 of my waist training - I'm wearing my black underbust corset under a loose dress for a few hours every day. It's an attempt to get some curvature into my life. It's incredible how comfortable it is actually - I'm sitting at my PC with good posture and feel neatly pulled in. All this nonsense about corsets being bad for you and a tool for subjugating women is rubbish - I feel empowered and confident. It's like wearing make up - I don't do it for anyone else - I do it for me. Here's model Victoria Dagger's article on her waist training (first pic is the corset I made for the Oxford Conference of Corsetry 13) - the Lingerie Addict is always a good read, and so inspiring;