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E Hume 1913 challenge - part 1 of the Foundations Revealed 2015 competition (drafting)

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Waists are a negligible quantity

Armed with my pdf courtesy of Foundations Revealed the first part to my project was to digitise it in AutoCAD so I could play about with the scaling and fit. I therefore imported the pdf file as an ‘x’ reference and  traced the lines;

pic 1

pic 2

I oriented the panels so they lined up at the waist so I could get an idea of the measurement – I wanted about a 3 ‘’ reduction on 27’’ so I scaled the panels accordingly allowing for a small gap at the back.

pic 3

Once I was happy with the size I rotated each panel against each other to check the vertical distances. There were some strange things going on with the original pattern – it didn’t look like they fitted together at-all so I curved new bottom and top lines and extended or trimmed each panel as necessary.

pic 4

Here are the panels ready for printing;

pic 5

The waist line also looked off but I figured I could amend that at the toile stage.

pic 6

In part 2 I will make up the toile!

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