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Three corsets on the go

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I have been so busy working on an underbust commission, a corset for myself for my holiday, and the model corset that I am hoping to use for this year's shoot at the Oxford Conference of Corsetry. I intended to use the silk and leather plunge corset that I made a few months back on the lovely gingerface model however I was unhappy with the silhouette after trying it on her - it just didn't 'cinch' sufficiently. We are roughly the same size but Gingerface does cinch much more than me, so I have got to work on another one - this time a more simple affair but with some embelishment I think (either lace or sequins). Here's the original corset on me;

modern plunge_1

Not much time to get mark 2 finished as I'm going on holiday next week, so no doubt I'll be sewing at the 11th hour at Oxford....

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