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Crescent bra sizes

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I have just added another 'strip' of sizes that use a 52 wire and equate to a 50C, 48D, 46DD, 44E, 42F, 40G, 38H & 36HH;


I'm looking at my chart and thinking that this will be a never ending task;

ALL THE SIZES IN A CHARTThere are many more than this chart of course, especially in the small band/large cup range. I feel like I need to keep going, adding until I have the most comprehensive size range known to woman...! 

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  1. AlexaFaie

    Are these using American cup sizes? Just wondering because in the UK, once you get above DD it goes E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, J, JJ, K etc... Just because the closest fitting size for me is 32HH/32J though when I say "closest fitting" I mean ridiculously wide and shallow and tall. Not nearly enough projection. Am wondering why larger cups get wider & wider wires as the cradle size I need hasn't changed since I was a 32FF. I just gained my bust volume as more projection from the same narrow roots. Basically less like a bowl, more like a champagne flute! Can never seem to find bras or bra patterns which take that into account. Maybe other people get wider & taller boobs when they gain weight, but not me. They stay resolutely in the very centre of my chest (have touching cleavage at all times since my roots touch/overlap slightly) and my boobs are only 3.5" vertically from IMF to top of root (measured to the side of my boob, not following the volume). And the top of my breast root is almost immediately below my collar bone, making bras always way too tall. So its an absolute nightmare finding bras to suit. Hi Alex - no they are UK but irrespective of the 'coding' I attempted to use direct measurements - so each cup that I designed is based on a bottom cup depth and a cross cup width (the relationship being based on standards). I encorage makers to make these measurements and adjust the cup accordingly. They are an infinite number of variables which is why there will always be some adjustment to the pattern for a good fit!

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