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  1. I've spent most of the summer writing a manual for corset makers who might want to have a go at drafting their patterns in CAD. I'm going to be presenting my techniques at the next Oxford Conference of Corsetry (August 2017) and this book came about whilst I was thinking about how to explain CAD to beginners. CAD can seem daunting and it certainly isn't something you can learn over a weekend, but with a little dedication it is quite straightforward moving from your dressmaker's paper to the screen. We live in a digital age after all - I find it so much easier filing, retrieving, amending and having a play around with designs in this way. I shall be listing my book in my Etsy shop in the near future but if you would like a copy (and not have to pay VAT if you live in Europe), please contact me with your e mail address and, via a PayPal payment, I can organise a copy to be delivered direct to your inbox. The book will retail at £18 initially.

    CAD front cover

  2. Corsets are perfect for combining with other techniques. My pattern offer for my Patreon patrons this month is a contoured under-bust. By contoured I mean that it is cut very close to the bust - in fact panel 2 has options to get that really close fit. I love crochet and crocheted some cups that I attached to this under-bust to effectively transform it to an over-bust;


  3. I'm creating a pattern a month during my year's sabbatical and September is a body style corset. I can't believe that I've been doing this since Feb and now have eight lovely patterns available for patrons to have for the ridiculous price of $5 each. A bargain I think - I've only managed to tempt 17 people so far....but then marketing and sales was never really my strong point. Here are the patterns I have developed so far:

    Sillhouettes to date - sept