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Foundation garment complete

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I decided on a bodysuit for the foundation garment as my intention was to create a pattern for my Patreon patrons and I hadn't made a bodysuit for a couple of years. I also like the way the bottom of the centre front is pulled downwards in these designs - a nice smooth silhouette and no 'overhang' to contend with.

At first I made the design very high cut over the thigh but the flesh containment was insufficient so I added a hip gusset. Overall it's an unusual design - I wanted long boning channels that angle into the gusset from the bust and other angled channels that are evocative of bracing struts in building structures. A curved covering channel in the same silver leather around the hip gusset seams further adds to this effect.

This is only the foundation of my piece but I wanted to complete it and photograph it so I can market the commercial pattern. It meant I had to line the very sheer bobbinet (double layered) at the front which presented its own problems and added more time than I would have liked, mainly be dent of the lining being seen through the bobbinet and therore having to be exacty matched with no seam allowances showing.

Here is the garment - hopefully giving the industrial feel I was trying to achieve;


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