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Experimental 'mod' corset underway

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It's funny where inspiration comes from. At the moment I am laid up with a broken leg - I  have a lower leg brace on that has 4 velcro straps and is set at a movemet of 60 degrees. I haven't been able to get the word 'brace' and 'strap' out of my brain these last 2 weeks and so embarked on a kind of study of splayed concentric circles on my mannequin. I love the clothes of the Mod movement and the Mod roundel was also in the back of my mind;


I am totally making it up as I go along. The negative space is mesh and it basically consists of a front and back joined at the mid section at the waist and with a brace at the under-bust and hip. The curve achieved is all about that splayed negative space. It's a fun but time-consuming project!

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