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50 patrons on Patreon

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Well I made 50 $5 patrons today! But it's taken me 21 months to get there. It's not easy, convincing people that they need your product (and I'm not great at marketing!). I try and promote the platform on Instagram and Faceboook whenever I publish a new pattern and it might get me one or two new patrons each month. You lose some along the way too - always disappointing, but I do understand that a pattern each month might be too much for some, which is why I keep costs super-low. The cost needs to be unoticeable, not much more than what people would pay for a magazine or a coffee, and not so much that if they don't get around to using the patterns, they don't feel like they are throwing their money away.

I've just devised a short survey on survey monkey to see how I'm doing. It'll be interesting to ascertain if my patterns are being used, and what improvements could be made. I think I'm the only Patreon offering corset patterns which is good, but if anyone else comes along, I need to be competitive! I'll release the results here when they're in. In the meantime here's a reminder of the designs I've done in those last 21 months;

Patterns to Oct 17 in no order

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