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  1. June's pattern - progress

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    I am blown away by the perfection of fit and comfort I have achieved with this one;


    After years of experimenting I am able to pattern cut and sew to achieve the smoothest of garments - it gives me such a pleasure. 

    I tend to draft up the base pattern at the same time as constructing the final garment. There may still be tweaks to the pattern I need to make at this stage. This one is going to be all about bust support. I am currently using my bra drafting blocks, making paper boobs and creating multiple size variations - each size will have 7-8 bust sizes as an option. I hope to be able to cover the larger sizes as well - up to a G.  It's so much work!

  2. Mannequin cover pattern published

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    I made the cover in velvet and it looks so much more professional. I  was also able to add a little stuffing into the derriere to mimic my bum. It's now a very close fit to my body - just a little short in the totso but that's a very easy pattern modification to do.


    The pattern is avalable here in my website shop and as an Etsy listing. I have provided it as a half-sized pattern as well - here is a short video of how I use my mini's for pattern development; cover

  3. Silk cincher - latest pattern

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    Alongside the making of this green duponi silk cincher I wrote an article about how to up your corsetry game (posted yesterday for all Patreon tiers). I suppose it is kind of a trouble-shooting guide, in it I talk about design, fit and construction - the key aspects in corsetry that need to be mastered if you want to become a professional. I have also listed the article in my Etsy shop for a nominal fee.


    The pattern comes in 108 size variations and in a conical and hour-gass rib shaping, and can be bought here through my website or in my Etsy shop (the corset sample is also for sale!).