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It's really nice to work with other corset makers. Scarlett Sapsford from Scarlett corset making recently contacted me with a sketch she had drawn of a corset design and I managed to interpret it 'digitally', that is, turn her 3D picture into a 2D flat pattern. I can look at the dimensions in space and approximate it in CAD. It helps that I now have a large library of designs (about 24 to date) that I can draw similarities from. There is some tweaking of course - Scarlett made up two iterations of toiles before she was happy, but it's a great way to design and illustrates the beauty of patterning in CAD - fast, efficient, and effective.

If you would like to work with me or have existing paper or PDF designs that you would like amended or graded, please get in touch. A rough idea of fees is below;

Cost at £27.50 per hour    
Item Approx time Cost
  taken (mins)  
Developing a new pattern    
Develop a draft pattern in one size (e.g. UK 12) from initial designers' sketch and ideas* 240 110
Tweak draft 1 subsequent to mock up (designer creates toile) - draft 2 60 27.5
Tweak draft 2 subsequent to amended mock up 30 13.75
  sub total: 151.25
Scanning an existing pattern into AutoCAD for manipulation and grading    
Tracing from a jpg or pdf - (6 panels) into CAD software 20 9.17
Scaling and amending trace to one standard measurement (e.g. UK 12) 60 27.50
  sub total: 36.67
Grading the pattern    
Grading the pattern -20 mins per size for a 6 panel corset (one side)    
- grading the pattern - 6 extra sizes 120 55.00
- adding nomenclature/ text etc. to pattern 15 6.88
  sub total: 61.88
PDFing the pattern for commerical use    
Setting up the template/ associating colours / pattern placement and conversion to PDF 25 11.46
  sub total: 11.46
* this depends on complexity - quote assumes a simple overbust design    

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