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  1. Nice to hear my efforts are appreciated!

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    I had a lovely response today from one of my patrons on Patreon that brought a tear to my eye;

    ''Fantastic customer service! You always go above and beyond expectations. Every corset pattern I've made from you is lovely. Your directions are amazingly descriptive as well including pictures. I simply cannoy explain how much I appreciate you and your talent! Your Patreon is the best $5 I can spend.

    You can quote me on that!❤️''

    Danyette Rosenbusch 



  2. Finding different & quicker ways of doing things

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    I find some aspects of corsetry tiresome - putting in eyelets for instance. I also don't like creating boning channels from strips of fabric or bias binding and lining them up so they are symmetrical with the other side - it's a right faff! I now create my mid-panel boning channels so they are intrinsic to the panels themselves. Each channel needs 2cm of extra fabric. They are so neat when executed properly - and if you mark the parallel lines accurately and in line with the grainline, they are always going to be exactly symmetrical with the other side. They look like lapped seams so if ironed to the correct side they will look like the seams and be consistent across the corset. Try it!


  3. Inspiration from Museum exhibits

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    I was back in London for a few weeks recently and visited the V&A - my favourite Museum in the entire world.

    It's such a great source of inspiration. I was fascinated by the leather detailing on the underarm of these stays, presumably its purpose being to lengthen its life;

    stays v and a portrait

    I'm currently working on a strapped over-bust design, to be published later in the month on my Patreon platform.