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  1. I have just published my 12th corset pattern on Patreon. When I set out on my one-year sabbatical at the end of 2015 I had intended to focus on corset design because flat patterning in AutoCAD is my favourite part of the process of corset making. I didn't really need an excuse to get creating, but my promise to my patrons was to issue one a month and having that deadline has been the best incentive to ensure I stuck to this frequency. I've been surprised at how I feel I can keep going with ideas as well - to anybody untutoured in this craft a corset may just be a corset, but there are so many possibilities that I still want to explore. I intend therefore to keep going whilst I still have the time - I had hoped that I would be able to recruit more patrons to make it more worthwhile but it is such a niche market and most corset makers do like to experiment with their own patterning techniques. I hope that the patrons of mine that have given my designs a go have been inspired and experimented by chopping and changing things around - this is what it's all about after all, creating something beautiful and experimenting until that perfect, comfortable fit is achieved.

    postcard - patterns issued to date January 17