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  1. How many different corset design possibilities are there? It seems never ending to me. Every month whilst finishing off a design for my Patreon patrons I'm starting to think of my next design. Usually I have a feeling as to whether I should be basing the design on a particular period in history, or whether it should be simple or more complex. Tt usually comes to me in that semi conscious state in the morning before waking up. This month a photo popped into my Pinterest feed and I knew isntantly that was the one. I haven't been able to find any information on it but it looks like quite an old patent - not Victorian - the thrusting forward of the bust makes me think it was an Edwardian sports corset. Here is the screen grab;

    Orig pic

    I concentrated onthe waspie part first - interesting how there are vertical back panels that join the lacing panel. Drafting these types of panels was a first but I ws very happy with the way they turned out - there is even a little space for shoulder bladed which was a complete fluke.

    It's an adaptable design I think - if the bust section can be removable it will allow for different coloured top sections. I also like the idea of  a halter top with the waspie. It's always good to offer options with patterns as clients like to have that adaptability, so this month's pattern will definitley have some  bits and pieces to play round with.