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  1. I started patterning corsets four years ago as I didn't think there was too much choice on the market. There were plenty of 12-panel underbusts, simple over-busts, and some good historical reproductions, however I felt there could be more variety, especially in the modern camp. I've done my fair share of standard patterns of course and have decided to offer one of these as a free pattern through my web-site to show my work. A part of my patterning that I've been working on is splitting panels in half at the waist giving corset makers the opportunity to top and tail different sizes - whether it be bust size, under-bust or hip against a specific waist size. It's much more adaptable for the many sizes that human beings come in! The free under-bust pattern does just this. Here are the possibilities of sizes without having to make any modifications yourself;

    excel sizes


    I'm now much more interested in bringing unusal designs to the market place and given that there are quite a few free patterns out there anyway, the most simple of my designs are not great sellers. Here is a pic of the pattern - the pattern centre front is actually a little narrower than this prototype;

    pic 3

    Please contact me via the contacts page or fill in the e mail address on the pattern page. I offer a comprehensive 25-page manual on corset construction through Etsy so if you need further information on how to build a corset please have a look at this (you'll be suporting my cottage business too!).