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  1. I create one pattern per month and often there isn't time to complete a sample properly so I often leave them unfinished with the idea that I 'might' finish them at a later date. It never happens of course...I will finish them just sufficiently to take an OK picture of them. This month though I am so super proud of my design that I wanted to make something beautilful, so I finished it (see pics below).

    I had thought that introducing a pattern with so many cup sizes would be popular, how wrong I was! Nobody is buying, and it's taken me months to design and perfect which I'm really sad about. It's a tough business this one!

    If you are interested in this one it can be purchased here;

    or it is avilable for patrons on Patreon until the end of September 19 for just $5 (if you become a member).


    20190905_083052 1