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  1. Dress forms are always a bit of an issue when it comes to corsetry. The waist is never snatched enough! Also when designing complicated patterns I always have a problem testing the large sizes. I don't have room for any more full sized mannequins and in any case they are so expensive.

    A solution is a half-sized mannequin in many sizes. So I made a pattern. It actually wasn't my idea - a corsetry colleague/friend/conspirator Jasmine Aleksander gave me the idea (thanks Jasmine!) beasuse we didn't think a cinched version is currently available.



    As usual I have gone to town with my sizing - 10 dress sizes in small, medium or large heights, plus an additional 4 cup sizes and 2 hips sizes (a reduced and enhanced -2'' or +2'' on the standard size).


    I have really enjoyed this project - the setting up of a template for all the sizes, the weaving in of standard measurements tables, the pouring over anatomy information on Youtube, the making of them (I have become really attached to these little dolls!). I just hope someone now buys them - they are £12.50 each if you would like to get in touch (the pattern that is - not the finished mannequin).