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  1. I have just published my 80th corset design! I can't quite believe that I have created 80 fully graded digital corset patterns. It's been over a few years, granted, but OMG! I am immensely proud of my patterns - they come in all shapes and are inspired by many things. They are both historical and modern - I have never restricted myself to a particular niche and I'm open to trying everything.

    80 designs

    Here are a few of my latest designs from this year - I just realised I've been pretty lax on the blogging front since January!



    Dolly underbust;

    IMG_4852 1

    IMG_5417 1

    1930s girdle;


    Raglan-sleeved corseted tunic;

    IMG_6648 1

    Tunic cincher (foundation corset for the tunic above);


    Edwardian swimming corset / buckled corset belt;