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  1. My next design has certainly taken quite a bit of working up! I think I'm finlly there. It's a flattering design with a scalloped top edge that was the shape that I kept thinking of whilst bashing out a few ideas. It's also very plunging at the cleavage - always popular. The silhouette is more Edwardian (smoothing rather than cinching) than Victorian and has a slight S-bend feel to it.

    FLAT 2

    I kept getting wrinkling on panel 5 that was really annoying so many iterations with different grainlines were tested - following grainlines accurately is so important in corsetry; I found that even a difference of just 2 degrees threw it off.

    Its construction is unusual in that a few different techniques are employed to achive a neat finish to the unusual panel juxtapositions. Seams are felled or taped and there is quite a bit of bagging out with a liner to create the scallop top edges that don't then need to be bound. There are two aspects to corset making that I dislike - boning and binding; the former is necessary but if I can get away with not binding a corset I will.

    I used a combination of white coutil and ballet pink satin coutil in the sample to show off the elegant panel shapings;


    This design will be October's pattern for >$3 patrons; I almost give these beautful designs away - if you can spare a few dollars each month to support my endeavours I will be eternally grateful!