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  1. ugraphic 2

    I love integrated corsetry and how a dress looks on the body when corseted. The corset is always the centre of attention I think and I like to build the dress around it. When I have created a vertically pannelled corset dress I have often had issues with the boned coutil strength layer showing uderneath the fashion fabric - there can be a distinct unsightly line. By constructing the panels in a horizontal manner this doesn't happen - the concentric skirt panels fall away from the corseted section beautifully. It is difficult to attain too much reduction constructing the corset in this way but the smooth silhouette obtained more than makes up for it I think.

  2. Well I made 50 $5 patrons today! But it's taken me 21 months to get there. It's not easy, convincing people that they need your product (and I'm not great at marketing!). I try and promote the platform on Instagram and Faceboook whenever I publish a new pattern and it might get me one or two new patrons each month. You lose some along the way too - always disappointing, but I do understand that a pattern each month might be too much for some, which is why I keep costs super-low. The cost needs to be unoticeable, not much more than what people would pay for a magazine or a coffee, and not so much that if they don't get around to using the patterns, they don't feel like they are throwing their money away.

    I've just devised a short survey on survey monkey to see how I'm doing. It'll be interesting to ascertain if my patterns are being used, and what improvements could be made. I think I'm the only Patreon offering corset patterns which is good, but if anyone else comes along, I need to be competitive! I'll release the results here when they're in. In the meantime here's a reminder of the designs I've done in those last 21 months;

    Patterns to Oct 17 in no order