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  1. I'm really enjoying all the competition entries that FR members are posting about in the run up to the deadline - so many beautiful colours and embellishments going on! I entered mine a couple of months ago but I'm still concerned the pics I took don't do it justice. The green leather is just amazing. Here is a pic of all the bits I made for the entire ensemble - integrated horizontal corset with segmented lined merino skirt, two different bust attachments (also leather) and segmented hoodie scarf. A lot of green!


  2. I am really happy to report that Sew Curvy are now selling three of my patterns in paper format. I spent a couple of weeks laying them out on A0 - there wasn't a great deal of room on the sheet for instructions as the patterns are pretty complex, so I had to condense the text and be as concise as possible. I keep fretting that there isn't enough information on there, but I'm sure everything is covered. I'm pretty pleased with them - I send the pdf to a UK printer who courier them direct to Julia for packing and distributing. Great to be represented by one of the world's leading corsetry suppliers!

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